Frequently asked questions

Who is going to do the artwork?

After a state-wide call to artists, our committee narrowed down proposals to 4 semi-finalists, then 2 finalists which were put to a community vote in February 2020. The community selected Payne Junker Studio to do the work by popular vote!

Why an art project? Doesn't our town need a lot of other stuff right now?

Glad you asked! While there are a lot of things to concentrate on, this grant was a way to spark a community project that would beautify our village, strengthen our social fabric, and be a positive way to come together. Meanwhile, our staff and volunteers are also at work on other community projects and problems -- it's all part of the mix!

How much is it going to cost?

Well, it sort of depends on the project that is selected. We estimate that the total cost will be in the neighborhood of $50,000. It does sound like a lot, but bear in mind that a lot of the costs will be 'in-kind' -- that is, donations of services and time to make the project happen! And we have support from the Vt. Arts Council , a Better Places Grant, as well as a donation from the Deerfield Valley Rotary. Having the grant money, as well as community support, means we can pay artist(s) to do their work. And that feels good! We are hoping to find an artist with ties to Vermont or the nearby local area. We are asking for community support -- any amount helps!

How can I get involved with the project?

We need lots of help!! from taking photos, to putting up artists during installation, to loaning equipment... if you have it and want to help, we want you! One need is to borrow a lift for a day or two during installation (could be a weekend!). Got one? email us at Wilmington Works! We will be sending out calls for volunteer work parties in the spring. Join us. You can also contribute financially, here.

I don't live in Wilmington. Can I vote/be involved?

Absolutely! This is public art for our whole community. If you drive by the wall (and if you drive North on 100/East on 9, you do!), it's for you.

Are my tax dollars paying for this project?

No! This project is privately funded. We received a grant from the Vermont Arts Council through a program that is donor-funded. We are also receiving support from the Deerfield Valley Rotary Club. For the rest of the program, we are relying on donations from local businesses and citizens. If you are interested in making a donation to the project in any amount, we would welcome your support!! Click on the Donate button on the bottom of this page to do so via paypal, or email us for more information on how to do so by check. And Thank You!

Why aren't you hiring a more local artist?

We invited artists from across the state to apply for this commission. We had 11 initial applications, two of which were from artists who reside in our local area. While we loved both of them (and one was chosen as a semi-finalist), ultimately we felt those artists' works would be better used in another place. Specifially, one we thought would work better on a smaller scale; the other in a more pedestrian-friendly environment. The Junkers have long standing ties to Wilmington and have been very responsive to our suggestions. We think their work is a great reflection of our town!