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Wilmington Works was awarded an Animating Infrastructure grant by the Vermont Arts Council in May of 2019. This is a competitive grant program designed to help communities incorporate art into their built environment.

The grant is site-specific: that is, we were awarded the grant specifically in order to commission a high quality work of art for this site.


Read more and see what other communities have done with this grant program, here.

In 2020, the community voted to select the Junker Studio sculpture. Then came Covid-19. Progress slowed as we turned our attention to more urgent community matters... BUT work continued, as we worked on engineering to mount the sculpture on the wall, and the artist team made changes to reflect the community suggestions.

In March 2021, we were awarded a Better Places award to fund a portion of the final phase. We are honored by the support of this diverse group: The program is funded and supported by the Vermont Community Foundation, Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development, Vermont Arts Council, National Life Group Foundation, Vermont Department of Health, and the Preservation Trust of Vermont. The program relies on the expertise and generous support of the Better Places Partners that include AARP Vermont, Local Motion, Vermont Agency of Transportation, and Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets



Public art is a way to beautify the spaces we pass by every day.

The goal of the Beaver Street Art Project is to commission a work of art that will:

  • Make our village more beautiful.

  • Create a destination and stopping point in Wilmington.

  • Pull the community together and reflect our historical sense of place

  • Give value to our community.

  • Integrate the Beaver Street neighborhood into the flow of community activities.

Watch this slide show we made to show our beautiful community in action!

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