The community vote overwhelmingly chose this sculpture proposed by Payne Junker Studio.

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Over the past year, we have been working on engineering, securing additional funding. . . 

AND, last but not least, adapting the final proposal to incorporate community feedback. 

We think you will love the results!

Thank you to our community partners:

The Richards Group

Stevens & Associates

Rotary Club of the Deerfield Valley 

An "Angel" who has given us matching funds...

... please join them in supporting us!

Also thanks to the following funders:

The Vermont Arts Council Animating Infrastructure Grant program


The Better Places Grant program

The goal of the Beaver Street Art Project is to commission a work of art for the retaining wall at 27 East Main/Beaver Street that will:

  • Make our village more beautiful

  • Create a destination and stopping point in Wilmington

  • Pull the community together and reflect our historical sense of place

  • Give value to our community

  • Integrate the Beaver Street neighborhood into the flow of community activities